Tacho Timer


Tacho Timer


What is the Tacho Timer?

Limited working hours mean that managing time isn’t always easy. Dropping off a loaded trailer, moving in a traffic jam, parking, all of this counts as working time. With our Tacho Timer, the driver will be able to synchronise with the tachograph of the vehicle, showing when the driver can drive freely in intervals of 58 seconds, with a 62 second cooldown in-between, without adding the extra minutes to their working time. This is immensely useful for drivers, since over the course of the month you can save up to 16 hours of working time which is a significant amount for fleet businesses.

How does it work?

Digital tachographs count any working minutes by constantly rounding up your driving time to the nearest minute. If you were to drive for 30-59 seconds and then stop fully, it would account for 1 minute of driving. Any time-period below that (1-29 seconds) will not be registered by the tachograph, allowing for the driver to freely drive within that amount of time.

The Tacho Timer will connect to the tachograph and inform you when you can move, accurately showing you the remaining free time as well as the cooldown time in increments of 58 and 62 seconds respectively (sum of the time on two separate minutes).

Is it legal to use?

Our Tacho Timer is fully legal and is compatible with EU Regulation No. 1266/2009.

The set includes:


Installation Instruction/ Manual


VDO 1381 v. 1.4 and above versions

Efas v. 4 and above versions

Stoneridge v. 7.3. and above versions (*Standart SRE – has to be ON)

2 year warranty

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